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Viola:..welcome to the world of "ALAS" and their members ^.~...enjoy ^_^

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Well, you all know the deal, answer quetions, enjoy the meme, tag someone if you feel like it.

1. your favourite time of the day, and why?

night, defninitely the night, from early to late of the night. and it's because it's all quiet, serene and so extremely soothing, as the whole world seems to be a sleep, all daytime-noisiness and -hecticness has faded and especially where i live, the silence gets even supported by the last little faint noises in the far, the permanent and absolutely monotone humming of trains passing our main station by. nothing else.

2. your favourite way to get up in the morning?

uhh....'perfectly'? xD, seriously, i'm a nocturnal, i love to stay up for long and watch, work, read, whatever, and therefore sleep long, at least til 9.30am. but i also shouldn't sleep for too long in the morning, since i can't take that anymore, for a few months or even a year already, dunno. and the best way to be actually getting up then, is to feel neither tired, nor drained, nor like a petulant little kid that just doesn't want to get awakened already. ^^;

3. your favourite (tv) show/series, and why?

asking me of my single top fave anime, film, band, tv show, etc, never works, as i never only got one top fave, so rules broken there.

i love "Burn Notice" for the boominess and impacts at fights, for watching a fantastic McGuyver-ripoff crafting shit out of nothing all masterfully, winning by being a great actor WITHIN his role, plus i like the protagonist as well as his actor Jeffrey Donovan a lot, for that i love his ever serious- and fake-smile expressions.

then i love "Fringe", for the freaky fringe-cases in which you can still use your own brain trying to make sense of the pseudo-scientific facts, no matter if it's realistic or not. i also live it so incredibly damn much for John Noble as this old man being so weird, being an insane professor coming from a mental hospital, for having done horrible things and still so often getting into situations of being merely a confused, helpless old man being so lost it makes you cry and feel sorry for him; thank you John Noble! oh, and i love the whole story and procgress anyway, it took me in quite nicely.

then i love "Dr. Who". sure, i only watched the tenth docs parts mostly, plus a bit, but i'm sure i'll whenever get to also watch the real old episode up to today, FROM FUCKING 1963 ON!!! i love these chaotic, freaky, whacky worlds and elements still beign so very self-evidently part of the same universe. i love it when such increidbly, hilariously DUMB-looking creatures like the Dalegs suddenly become a frighting and so very deadly, in-marching nazi-like threat. and i love the contrast of the whole world often being so very much anythign but serious, but silly and ...LIKE ONE PIECE!!....and then again often getting so amazingly dark, horrific, terrifying, scary, depressing, nightmarish and all voer, so very surprisingly atmospheric.

well, as we've been there already: "One Piece". i admire, adore, love, fuck and surely, also consume it. among Dr Who maybe, i know no other franchise introducing you to so very hilarious, whacky, caricature-ish, extremely various characters in so many, so ever special and just as various settings, and at the same time being so touching so often, so foten showing you fights with a boominess and impact leaving you jawdropping as you claw in the desk, or as it soemtimes even gets soemthing like world-politics of its own universe in there, which contrasts its appearance of being an all colourful anime made for kids; it gets surprisingly mature that way. oh, plus you gotta love many of the characters, whther of the main cast, side-charas or villains, there are so fucking many of them, and so little you wouldn't like at all.

well, "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" does count as a series. i'm loving it for it's masterfulliness, once at the flying and jumping chances of drawing style, as well as at its amazing ability to bring in fecal humour which doesn't often feel literally funny, but at least not really silly to an awkward level either, as well as at it ability to bring in mature- and explicite sexual matters so blatantly, while still not making it feel cheesy, flat or just like they couldn't handle such material; they CAn handle it, and often the sexual matters come even touching and leaving you staring at your screen, all taken in. it's like the most perfect last step before being already soft hentai/pornography, but still being a master at its own level. and unless i missed anything, we all hope for new, more episodes.

"Great Teacher Onizuka" perverted half newcomer, half wannabe teacher among plenty of nice, sexy student chicks, but who also was once a feared gang member able to beat people up, that it earns every and any slow clap. watch it, you'll understand! ....i think

i also used to love "the Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones", i guess i still do, but they didn't call my longing to watch them, for a logner while already. dunno, maybe i'll get back to it. im actually certain that i will, but i can't tell when.

4. your favourite way to spend a whole weekend?

being at home, gaming a bit, but also being as relaxing/relaxed as can by, whiel being as productive as can be....soudns contradicting? but it isn't, i'm just talking of a perfect work flow that gets you getting much done, and gtting it done well, and still not being really too bushed, or feeling unsatisfied in the end.♥

5. your favourite non-existing, theoretical movie made of a video game?

i'm sure there'd be many ones....for once i'd love to see a movie of "the Legend of Zelda". it could be the old Okarina of Time game and splitting it up into a triology, for that you can elaborate more on the single temples and shit, but for me it could also be the Twilight Princess game, for that i ADORE Midna, and that version of a 'shadow world'. but only as long as they wouldn't screw it up, of course. but since i fear they would, or at least for that i fear the mere risk of that....please, Nintendo....don't.....don't go there......

then...."Bioshock Infinite" ...simply, the setting is fantastic as it is: steampunk meets flying metropole/big city, meets religious fanatism, meets the fascism of the american 40ies, 50ies and 60ies or so; it's perfect as it is. then the characters...nothing to add; just as perfect. but most of all....that total mindfuck of the whole plot, of all implications and little hints, of the whole story and its interpretation afterwards, of the so very surreal last part of the whole game being rather a midnrape than a mindfuck, and feeling so very depressing while totally bizarre and more or ess subtly insane....and, sa i said, the mindfuck of what all hints, implications, interpretations, etc. eventually conclude in. but same here, they'd fuck it up; even at the first Silent Hill movie they didn't manage to egt in that psychological depth of the games and rather segregated same here, i'm sad to sy it, but i hope that they don't tackle this one either.

then...."Metro: Last Light", same here: the fantastic characters, the amazing russia-internal version of a cold war among the parties and their policies, THE FUCKING AWESOMELY ATMOSPHERIC SETTINGS, PLACES, LANDSCAPES, UNDERGROUNDS, ETC., the great backstory and mythology behind it, the twists taking you in to that whole world even more, that whole, complete feeling of 'Russia', that intensity of the whole atmosphere and feeling to the many scenes and situations....~hah, lovin' it!

let's not forget about "the Last of Us". if they could ever, EVER, GOD DAMN FLYING FUCKING EVER....manage to reproduce the same kind of intro with the exact kidn of effect on the viewer.....heartwrenching it is, so very nightmarish with that amazing, ever best, slow but steady downward spiral of the outbreak, from normal life's evening to the total threat, panic, terror and chaos where everything burns and is dead but still chasing you...well, felt, at least. plus the many, many moments of emotional depth, of twists, of the viewer fearingly worrying about characters, so badly nto wanting thigns to happen and really being afraid the pissy creators really would those things happening, as they ahve all during the game often enough shown already, that they don't...fucking...hesitate to. the many moments of frantic terror and stress SURE beating the 28days/weeks-movies. plus, let alone, the settings, that whole, so perfect, killed, dead, rotten and back-natured post-apokalypse with mangled, barely crashing skyscrapers, spookly empty streets or tunnels covered with green, the many dark and frightening underground places, etc., etc., etc., as well as that ever best feeling if real, tangible survival, with the perfectly balanced rarity of supplies and the long times of austerities, til a damn conserve of cut fruits becomes a heavenly piece. ...what else is there to say

"Bayonetta"....yes, you heard right....whoever has ever come to see any animated bit or just images of my beloved protagonist there, will know why. you say, this isn't the best material for a good movie? well, sure, especially Clash of the Titans, etc., has shown how little ready the film production industry is yet, and i'm aware of thatm, and i agree, sadly, but....still, i want that movie.....though i'd yet be so extremely careful about the right choice of an actress, but on the toher hand i'd be so very....uhh...crious to come to see the 'finishing-move scenes'♥♥♥, gad damnit, seriously, that (fictional) woman belongs, epicly done, on the big screen, but for mature audiences, please!

"Beyond: two Souls", sure would, or might not be the ever best possible choice for a movie, but let's face it, we can't deny that many of the fighting scenes would, if studied- and then transferred correctly, turn out overwhelming on the large screen, such scenes like....'indianic evil spirit' or 'dog fight' or 'SWAT battle' *tries to avoid spoilers*, we can't deny either, there definitely ARE many great moments, different settings with different meanigns and atmospheres, and the really most of them all grip you well.

frankly....."Final Fantasy X"....yes, yes, i fucking said it....well, haters gonna, seriously; it sure has its cheesy moments of too much japanese sugar-toothpain of sweetness cutuness and bla, plus pretty static, almost-cliche characters, but on the toher hand, it also does have a gripping story, it does have so many gripping moments, it does have so very atmospheric settings ranging from gloomy over awestrucking to fascinating and jawdropping or sjut fantastic in the sense of 'fantasy'. 'assault on Sin - bad idea', 'Kimahri's broken honour', 'first meet with Rikku', 'Sin attacked, the aftermath, the many dead', 'Sin attacks - the intro', 'Yunas sacrifice', 'Yuna, abducted', 'Wakka and the machina', 'Al Bhed under attack - not our enemy?', 'the snowy mountains - chased by Seymour', 'the ruins of Zanarkand' i need to say more?

even fraklierly frankly..."Kingdom Hearts", really and only just the first one. many of the worlds had very own atmospheres, sure the Disneyness slapped you in the face left and right, but there also were the non-Disney-worlds, and anyway they all felt right and matched well together in this whole universe. and what makes me most wanting this the whole feeling and atmo of the last two, three settings....'the end of the world'… ....again, that's enough for me to indeed want it.

6. your favourite fetish (sub-)culture?

uhhhhhhh...most of the hentai feitshes since it often feels, like i get a better relation or connection to those, or like they'd be more....easy...or so....but still, i actually lvoe them all, i cn't avoid saying it this way; eventuall it'd be easier to ask me which i can't stand or relate to at all.

7. your favourite dream job?

freelance artist; story-writer, maybe also comic-author, in case i ever manage to finally get to it; fiction-designer; author....something like that all

8. your favourite wheather, and why?

you all know it, from freezing snowing over cool spring breezes joining sun warmth, to real storms and days-long steady rain, i love it all. the only thing i don't like too much, is to hot or moistly-hot weather.

9. your favourite sort of horror movie?

either ones really relying on psychology, hints, symbols, etc., like "Jakob's Ladder", or those zombie movies that give a 'graspable' feeling of the horrificness of zombies, like in "Land of the Dead", or, even if it's actually apsycho-thriller, it still has quite some horror, and even more tension in it, so movies as perfect there, as "no Country for old Men". another movie being just partially of the horror genre, but as a paragon for movies with a nightmarish, degenerated society, "Soylent Green", even if the end was....odd.... well, i'm sure there can be some mroe good examples telling of sorts i like, but i can't think of them by now.

10. your favourite movie character, and why?

got plenty, same here: Tommy Hatcher from "Green Street Hooligan", for his outfreaking, subtle, volcanoish, cholericly always-on-the-edge-to burst madness of aggression and anger; Pete Dunham from "Green Stree Hooligan" for him being a leader and topman at one of the best firms of hooligans, but still proving not to be a chliché of 'more muscles than brain'; Anton Chigurh from "no Country for old Men", for him ahving a badass creative weapon to murder, for that he's an embodiment of 'predator', and for that he freaks the shit out of you; Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding from "the Shawshank Redemption", for his persona, attitude and wisdom within the 'cage'; Andy Dufresne from "the Shawshank Redemption", for his intelligence, behavior, attitude, and his masterplan succeeding, but with high prices paid; Brooks Hatlen from "the Shawshank Redemption", for him being the sie and gently old man, who makes you cry in 'the' end; Severus Snape, from "Harry Potter", for the many, many things he ever hid and never showed, and for the ways he truely felt (making me hate Harrys dad, a bit); Sergeant Nicholas Angel from "Hot Fuzz", for the perfection of this role, with his uptightness, strictness, devotion to his job as a policeman definding justice and order, his awesomeness at it, and for his grumpiness at it; Joker from "the Dark Knight", for....fuck it...perfection, goosebumps, evilness, madness, mastermindedness, chaoticness, you all know what i mean, plus chilling mindsets and statements about 'madness' and 'chaos'♥♥♥.

11. your favourite animal, and why? many, but will just pick one: vulture....for its whole, gritty, dark charm and image

12. your favourite position to sleep in?

with my forearms loosely crossed above my head, on the least i prfer that position to fall asleep in, most of the times.

13. your favourite still actively used/spoken language? (so not latin, gaelic, etc.)

Danish, definitely, for that i live Denmark!♥♥♥

14. your favourite pokemon?

oh uhhh....i can't help it, but if i can take only one, it'd need to be a fusion of Gardevior and Lopunny...if you don't know them, look'em up, and if you know me, you'll get it. ^//v//^

15. your favourite drink, optionally plus meal, after a tough (day of) work?

just a damn milk coffee, i suppose...or plain, semi-cold water from the valve, as plain and simple as can be, in summer.

16. your favourite, hypothetical present for next christmas?

well, Wacom published one amazing creation a (longer) while ago, which is a digital sketching pen with a station/base/however to call it, but that sensors whatever the pen draws or writes within a A4 format (i think), and saves it, so you can sketch whereever you want to, and put it on your pc later. meow, isn't it?

17. your favourite sort of flavoured milk? (cocoa, banana-, strawberry milk, etc.)

cocoa and banana milk

18. your favourite video game, and why?

puh, more listing, but i'll spare the reasoning, and this time only of those which i mostly all own myself: the Legend of Zelda♥, Twilight Princess/Wind Waker/Okarina of Time/a Link to the Past/Oracle of Ages, Seasons/Majoras Mask; Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle♥; Pokemon♥ editions in general, plus Pokemon Conquest; Disgaea♥ in general; Kingdom Hearts (1); Ratchet & Clank 3; Divine Divinity; Spellforce; Zanzara; Unreal Tournament 2003/2004; Quake 4; Zone of the Enders; Odin Sphere; Jade Cocoon 1+2.

as you could see, those really top faves for me, of those, got marked with a matching '♥'

19. your favourite thing to do at the end of a day, to conclude that day?

sitting on a window bench in the stair hall of this house, in the early morning hours, having a smoke and sitting some longer afterwards, watching the quiet, dark scenery, the clouds or stars and pitch black scheme of the surroundings as well as the mighty illuminated street ttoally abadnoned, while all during, listening to this:…

20. your favourite six persons in the world, and why?

Conny...well, she knows why, and it's little of an actual secret or a surprise
Lars, for him being such a long time, faithful, open, reliable and hoenst friend
Dennis, for him being so loyal, reliable, open, and most of all, not losing faith in me
Anina, for some weird, but lovely connection and feeling i grew to her quite early and never lost, plus we share some dirty tastes
my mum, simply, for not giving up on me and having faith in me
me myself, even if that soudns egocentric, but for rebillion against anyone not assuming oneself worth enough, or not being enough of a person, to be considered as an own favourite person....folks, everyone, keep loving yourself, too! it is important!

so then, tagging time....i don't tag people now, but i take people for whom it is ESPECIALLY optional to be doing this ^^...:

  • Listening to: various stuff
  • Reading: various articles, online
  • Watching: Gametube on Youtube
  • Playing: wish i'd have the time for it atm
  • Eating: whole coffee beans; crispy, tasteful, and bitter
  • Drinking: coffee, definitely too cold for my taste *shivers*


Viola Hellwig
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-+background = +2-3€/$, depending on its content/level
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:bulletgreen:annoys me as well but i won't break DA's rules, obviously


♥name: Viola Hellwig
♥age: 21
♥birthday: 22.08.19088
♥zodiac: lion
♥eastern: dragon
♥amerindian: bear
♥eastern element: earth
♥celtic tree: black alder
sign of spring by Tragopogon…
♥hairs: brown, but i want them to become black
♥eyes: brown-green and a hint of blue, depending on the light
LP: ***
attack: ***
speed: **/**
defense: ****
magic: *****
skill: ****
luck: *****
willpower: ****
lewdness: ***********
creativity: ****
kindness: *****
romance: *****
braveness: ***/*/**
authenticity: ********
sadism: *****
masochism: *****
dreaming: ****
relishing-ability: *****
mysthic: ***
questionable: ****
trustworthy: ******
mental health: *****
emotions: ******

self-introducing Interview "Try the Straberry"

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Anina comish by BiOzZ Anina Evdokia Salava
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Current Residence: Bielefeld, and yes it does exist
Favourite genre of music: punk, metal, epic(folk-) metal, ambient, drum'n'bass, New Wave, Pop, Anime-, movie- and Ga
Favourite style of art: manga
Favourite cartoon character: Tank Girl, Bonkers
Personal Quote: N'uuuuuurgh (complaining noise)


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