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Viola:..welcome to the world of "ALAS" and their members ^.~...enjoy ^_^

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yes, new ideas wave gots me today:

1. i know people might claim me to be nuts already just to have the 36 main characters i got already by now, especially a close friend of mine *cough*rye*cough*, i'm sure of to question this circumstance of my story already.....but hell....there'll be a 37th.
once again, it'll be a female, pretty young yet, though maybe also some older already, not sure...y'know, the demonic way of like over 300 years old on a 17 year old body or something. the big point is: she'll be the daughter of Satan himself, one of his children, raised amongst humans but always felt the relationship in ways. along that she won't know her father to be the 'good' Satan (yes, there are two, dun ask, it makes sense, trust me), but only comes to know the 'Satan' human proclaim, she'll question her future of becoming maybe a walking, demonic cataclysm walking upon earthly ground to make the world go to hell, once she'd grow up. she'll deny every bit of her origin and thus her powers, initially at least. she'll question her purpose and right to live, considering the many lives among mankind. she'll be so so not matching her apparent role, as rather being shy, insecure, doubtful, pessimistic, self-questioning, and what speaks a clear language itself: loves to hide; to pull back and retreat from everyday life and people into narrow, far, tight corners silent and lonesome where no one bothers her and where she can be alone and far from all of her apparent future. well, one spoiler be told so far or maybe just hinted at: "what you are doesn't tell who you are, neither what you do"
well...yet the clear look and appearance and several details, a name, earthly national origin and many things are yet missing, though i think already, that her appearance will rather suit her persona and alike, rather than her species-origin.

2. a cultural thing about the world of where al the goblinoids are living. a while ago i decided already, that Satsuki will in there, one day, become, more accidentally than intended, the queen and leader of a whole tribe, merely from one moment to another. well, now i came to think of how that works and thus why that is so. i'm not yet sure if it counts that way for all goblinoids species, but i'm sure that among those for which it does count, there still be slight differences...y'know, basic principle of cultural differences. however, here it goes:
among those species, they have a gene that strikes once you're a leader. it causes....let's say, further increasement in various way: it makes you grow, get more muscular and stronger, more intelligent, live longer, even be more ballsy, and many other things. however, this causes it, that, as a leader, you can either live normally, like 50 more years, or even over a few hundreds of years. how long, does not matter eventually.
a leader always gets chosen by beating the current leader in a fight. beating the leader makes you the new king (or whatever), not yet killing the leader though. but then, you have to chose, whether to kill the last leader by decapitation or to spare the leaders life. if you kill or spare the life then, neither of your choices would ever be right or wrong, instead it foretells the tribe or folk, what kind of a leader you'll most likely be: firstly, how soon, easy and sure you decide whether to kill or not to kill, tells the folk, how secure and stable you are at giving and taking life, or more precise, -at showing mercy. thereat it's to be said, that both killing and not killing means mercy in different ways; thereat also the second time your action foretells your sort to the folk:

when you spare the former leaders life, you'll be considered and claimed to be a leader, that shows mercy before the life itself, wisely, serenely and placid, and to be an even more sheltering and protective leader (though that tells nothing about if you're strong, or a warrior or alike).

if you take the former leaders life by decapitating him/her, you'll be considered and claimed to be a leader, that shows mercy in a respectful and (yes) insightful way, but also that you're mentally and spiritually stable and even more trustworthily able to make decisions.

at the latter, it's to be mentioned, that the last leader, once beaten and realises the decision about execution, kneels down willingly for it, and would about always welcome death with a fulfilled feeling, maybe even a grin or smile since this quick death, guides him to afterlife clean, quick and pleasant, instead of maybe a slow and painful death when getting old and sick and weak.
in every case, a leader would never really be mad about having lost the title, since that means that he has managed to make it through the incumbency successfully and alive, and that the own folks gets safely given from one leaders era seamlessly into another leaders era, without any period of no leadership and insecurity for the whole folk.

if the last leaders gets killed, sure his wife (wives?) will be sad for a while, but probably not as much as human wives would be, even though that tells nothing about how deep the love had been (or still is). rarely the wives get new husbands over the time, but they'll thus just as rarely become the wives of the new leader. instead they carry a very important role among the tribe from then on, even more important than before their husbands death: they'll be like councils, they'll be sub-owners of the leaders place, they'll be like sub-leaders and advocators of all female, whether of the own tribe, or strangers, they'll be also protectors and shelterers of the younger generations; one could also say, that they become an even more securing symbols, no matter if it's just one or a few of them. they can even gain special spiritual rules, but that then depends on the person itself and thus that is no general rule.

back to 'what happens to the former leader': sure it can also happen that one challanger happens to kill the former leader right during the fight, but that's unlikely. said genes which makes a leader much stronger than the rest, causes it that firstly a leader is rather likely to get beaten when getting old, and secondly even then is yet a tough struggle to beat. thanks to those genes, even an over 300 years old goblinoid leader being already quite the senior, is yet a fighter to be feared and never underestimated. well, if it still happens that the leader get killed during that fight, sure the foretellings can't happen about the new leader. it doesn't really mean a bad thing yet, but just that the new leader has to get estimated over the time along his decisions, deeds, ideas, behaviour and all so on. so, eventually it'll be the same, just it'll take longer.

it is to be mention that also someone could become the leader, when not of their tribe, or even not of their species. but the less humanoid a being is, that beats the current leader, the less like it is this being becomes the new leader. it'd be pretty much out there already, to have a dragon as a leader; that'd yet be possible, but as i said, it'd already be quite borderline already. most beasts and alike though, cannot become leaders, especially of not of a certain intelligence of course. so, if such a beast kills a leader, or another reasons that leaves no 'next king', one of the most culturally feared cases happens: no leadership; no king. it'll leave them with a long period of one one to lead, guide, shelter and protect them. the fear of disunity, even crime tends to rise. the whole tribe even tends to be pre depressive, less strong in battle,; all in all it lays heavily upon them. yes, even the sky looks more grey to them all during that period. what makes it furtherly so bad, is that this period can last for a few years, during which the whole tribe is much more vulnerable. and the new leader has to prove itself to be worthy of it, and able to do it. that mostly happens not through taking the title, but rather through earning the title, and once one earns the title, still even the good mood, the foretelling and many other things are yet missing. and of one claims the title, maybe by force, sure that might give them a new, stable king, but then again makes the fear of disunity grow even more, plus such a king feels not too trustworthy. sure this appears a bit illogical, but it goes this way.

oh, and one last thing: the head of an decapitated last leader gets taken and; hold your hats; gets boiled, ceremonically, til all flesh has fallen off. this they do, to have the skull, the most consistent part of the last leaders head, which they clean, decorate and put it to a special place, where it remains to remember of and worship; it's part of their ancestor cult. the 'soup' that remains at cooking the head, merely gets poured away, into a river of on the ground, which does not mean disrespect, but as the buried part of a former leaders body rots and becomes part of the ground, so this parts shall do equal, of course. among with their fear of the leader not getting beaten someday, thus not to have a new leader right away, their physical symbol of that fear, is the altar, shrine, or wherever else they put the skull, remaining empty. even if a leader gets killed this bad way, but leaves a corpse behind, that yet has its head, the place for the skull will remain empty nonetheless, as said empty place for a symbol is undeniably connected to the missing new leader, to them.

much to read? yes, but it is a kind of own 'system' as complex as our traditions tend to be.

3. i'll overtake an old idea of mine, which i had mostly forgotten about already: the 'hyena', though i might rename it; some of you might remember it. the idea of a monowheel motorcycle, invented by Elli. to make it short: it has no, or little weaponry at all, like jsut little grenade- or mine-releases on the sides, but that's it, as it's les meant for fighting but rather for getting from A to B with higher speed and less troubles with a lack of a stable road of any kind. also, i'm aware of most troubles such a construction to come across at running, and i'm willing to creatively take care of those. still, if you got worries or ides of what i might need to pay attention to, let me know, please. maybe you might gimme a heads-up about something i did not consider yet. well, with 'monowheel', in this case, i mean a real big, single tire on a wheel, which runs on a ring-shaped rail, in whose inner space the actual whole bike-systematics are located, like the motor, seats, technology, exhaustion pipes and all alike.

oh, and please, spare me with the SouthPark reference, i'm aware of that one and no, it won't be created that way, not even from a dirty mind like me/mine. ^^;

4. just came across the idea of that my Satsuki, with her four wings (forms of four different winged beings), might also end up being able to combine those. on a sidenote: initially i claimed one type of her wings to be of a vampire, which i'll replace with a mightier sort of dark angel or fallen angel (on a further sidenote: dark-/fallen angels also need to have higher forms, like 'dark-/fallen archangels', non?). so imagine a combination of her archangel- and 'dark archangel' wings....okay, yes, one white and one black wing, pretty much a cliché, but if it's not just for the visual show, i could imagine something pretty impressive resulting of that. then, the combination of an falcon-valkyrie- and a dragonfly wing....just had this yet very unspecific, but potential-sounding term of 'bang-winds' ('knall-winde') on mind, which sounds...yeah, pretty much like holding potential. about the other combinations i'm yet pretty idea-less: valkyrie and archangel? valkyrie and dark-arch? dark-arch and dragonfly? archangel and dragonfly? shall those just hold no further options and possibilities, maybe even powers?...

well, do you have any ideas?

5. my ideas about Osdea are also increasing and piling alot. sure i'm sure of that you might know little of whaddafuck an 'Osdea' actually is. want a crash course?...

Osdea, an own world, transdimensionally accessible like the many other worlds. actually it's a planetary system of five planets of nearly the same size, running in circles, in a perfect pentagonic positioning, around an own....well, not yet sure if it'll be a sun, a dark hole, or something else i MIGHT EVEN FULLY AND NEWLY CREATE MYSELF'BAM!! however, those planets are, leftwards around this sun-thing, listed: Orum, Telas, Nerim, Tolas and Kosud. the history of their all beings started on Orum, grew, evolved, went scientific and once they had the technology for it, they started, in the named (leftwards) direction, connect the planets with stable while the least flexible kinds of towers which even had gravitronic solutions. they populated and connected one planet after another til they were at Tolas, by then Orum also had connected to Kosud itself already. then, as usually, on the peak of success, things went wrong: scientists tried to use a discovered radiation from the sun-thing via certain, filtering and influencing sun-shields, for life-extension, a vitalizing way. sure it went wrong and we had a pendant to zombies, yet with differences in behaviour and biochemical reactions of the body and so on. sure the epidemic expanded and Nerim got run over it first, yet Telas nearly at the same time, it just started some later there. Tolas didn't reaise the threat early enough, locked up the link-tower to Nerim, but the storming undead just broke through and also Tolas had no chance. both Orum and Kosud locked up their towers and thickened the closed gates well in time, but thus only those two remained. well, but, for the know how things go with things locked up and better not approached to, but which certain people consider great options to hold in store.

yet, by then, those two last planets remained connected but isolated from the rest, therefore developed pretty differently:

Orum grew like huge cities looking like suburban carpets and people kept their scientific eager at bay, therefore rather grew an ever better education and even natural talent at mechanics and engineering. sure the societies differed, as you have those rather living like part-savage with their machines and technology in the forests and on the lands, like big, strong and eager woodsmen-tribes, then you have those living rather in small cities and really going admirably sane through their daily lives, and you have those in said real big suburban cities, which are all just as nice and eager and social and all, but have grown a questionably totalitarian aversion towards all real anger and aggression and all of such; really, if you get too mad and loud around there, you might go to (their pendant of) jail for it, for that they fear anger and similar emotional reaction being the root of hatred, which is again the root of violence and crime. pretty flat for a reasoning when taking it that simple, you think? true, but that's the way they see it.
oh, and yes, they still have grown an international (means 'planet-wide') love for all kinds of races, whether with animals to ride, all kinds of vehicles and what not all else one could come up with, for options.

on Kosud, which had been the fourth planet to populate upon, in the whole worlds chronicle, the population and demography nearly rushed. up to that point, big parts of the planet if covered with cities, big-, huge cities or even metropoles. in some of them, people have really grown loveless and distanced towards one another, at least that's the easiest and soonest impression one gets (which means, exceptions are excluded now). but rime there makes it worse: due to, by that time, unknown reasons, some people have developed mutations and superhuman talents and skills and even powers, of most various sorts, which they even inherited partially. some have powers so pointless, they're barely useful for a circus, others are so clean deadly, that they work as criminals, like assassins, mercenaries, selfish but powerful punks and all so on, but on the other hand also investigators, head hunters and so on. sure there is a money-flow based subtle and ever unnoticed war of degeneration into sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, and deadly supported interests, going on in those metropoles. well, and by the current state of ideas of mine, the rest of the planet is mostly covered with awful pollution, (partially abandoned) industry, and mutated nature; there are quite few spots left kinda healthy and originally, naturally vivid.

well, despite for that the two lasts planets yet keep their trading up and alive, the populations only secretly move from one planet to the other, ever hiding from their own, original societies. Orums population considers Kosuds population as ever all criminal and corrupted and so on, but so very generally and easy-at-hand, that one cannot deny stereotypes and prejudice. and Kosuds population considers life on Orum....well...boring, free of options, and a cage of a so so peaceful idyllic world.

well, my ideas i'm yet having are good for bringing more variety into the populations and their societies, like local differences being also visually recognizable and differentiable, but also possible for fauna and flora again, of course, as well as for technology and locations and ways of life and all alike.

eh, know what? this shall be enough again for this time, i really typed enough to read ^^;. also, sure i'm mostly avoiding my plenty of ideas for sidecharacters, otherwise....hell, you can imagine it yourself ^^;. so then, more to read, next time. hope you enjoyed more given glimpses of my creative creativity at creating creations.

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Viola Hellwig
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