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Viola:..welcome to the world of "ALAS" and their members ^.~...enjoy ^_^

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So, or one update on what i'm working on, among yet remaining and yet unfinished commissions and other tasks...

You all know that i really do have a hell-load of characters/OC's, jsut my main cast beats anything conventional. Speaking of which, there we meet the topic: my main cast. As it is by now, official, i've got a main character cast (the company of Wonderfool) consisting of 40 characters, basicly. technically it'd be 42, if i'd yet also take in two fusion forms of ne couple of characters, which depend on whom of them is the dominant 'ingredient' in a situation. And if i yet count in various forms of different characters for various reasons and orgins, the nubmer might beat 60, at least of what i'd need to especially depict to introduce (despite it'd then again include spoilers).

However, for now, we stick to the basic 40 characters, the company, the big family, and lately i felt the strong urge to finally.....FINALLY...... have them all featured and displayed officially and in final designs, for once, all together at one place or in one submission or work. So; for the type of file, word and pdf is the closest idea, maybe, and contentually, what else, a large introduction of 'what is the company actually' and 'who are these members anyway' and alike, including the shortening effect of a profile-style, plus just a bit of text, plus illustrations. There it helps me a lot, that i have formerly produced the 'Roleplaying Guide', which included just that. You may also remember me having addressed you all ina journal post a while ago, to introduce you to plans of some redesigns of some of my characters; this whole plan and idea i just outlined came after that and partially followed that, just to your information.

So thus, i came to concept about a bit, sum up my rough checklist of what i want and need, added, removed, re-concepted, etc., and finally had my plan, that includes the following list of stuff for each and every one of 40 characters, plus a bit mroe after wards:

-a short article about the character
-character main illustration
-the profile
-image set 1 (4 images): 'scenes of the characters life' (not the bio alone is meant here) - childhood; battle; typical/everyday life; at work
-image set 2 (2 images): 'body' - full nude (also for featuring- and introdction matters); body feature (one important one)
-image set 3 (4 images): 'emotions' - angry/mad; swooning; one typical mood; sleeping or naughty mood (or something else; yet undecided; suggestions are welcome)
-birth place: little map; about the birth place; shrotcut of the bio (desite spoilers)

So, with that, making it by plan (for positioning matters if it'd get printed), 8 pages per character, plus pages before and after, of other, related content, means also about the characters and the company. After the introductions of the characters, ther'll also be at least two pairing-images of love-matter situations per couple, in some cases a few more, for reasons.

AND HERE DROPS THE BOMB: with the main illustrations, the image sets, the pairing-images and stuff of all that i listed, it makes it 479 images i have to produce. Oh yeah, Joosh-Face, to your information: i know, to you i said, it'd be 519, but i also had yet images planned of the private places of the characters, like apartments, houses, ruins, or whatever they have but i excluded those and planned to make an own file of that someday later, so it makes it 40 images less.

However, and with this journal, i wanna keep the progress publicly up to date. The the main illustrations, i'll submit here, as usually, but all of the others, i won't; why not keeping, for once, isntead of spoilering, something secret, hmm~♥?

However, here's te process list of the main illustrations:

:bulletblack: not yet started
:bulletblue: yet seeking redesign ideas (probably neccessary)
:bulletyellow: next to go
:bulletred: in (current) process
:bulletgreen: done (and most likely also submitted already; if not, then coming soon)

:bulletgreen: Violetta H.
:bulletgreen: Elli S.
:bulletblue: Luna L. (trying to figure out if i can find another yet similar last name that keeps the first letter and myybe the thematic content (love))
:bulletblack: Elisa McP.
:bulletblack: Ira G.
:bulletblack: Ella V.
:bulletblack: Margez V.
:bulletblack: Tiga L.
:bulletblack: Scarlett D.
:bulletblack: Kessa M. (last name changed: Mühlbeck)
:bulletblack: Rufi M. (last name changed: Mühlbeck)
:bulletblack: Finklinde N (last name changed: Nebler)
:bulletblack: Toka Y.
:bulletblack: Allegra B.
:bulletblue: Neta B.
:bulletblack: H'reda P.
:bulletblack: Emma Ch.
:bulletblack: Kristina K.
:bulletblack: Chloé D. (formerly: Bikku)
:bulletblue: Midna de Z.
:bulletred: Anna B.
:bulletblack: Eva H.
:bulletblack: Madcita L.
:bulletyellow: Tjonka A.
:bulletblue: Wattenfall
:bulletblack: Cilly V.
:bulletblack: Lulu B. (last name changed: Bronström)
:bulletblack: Rebekka Schr.
:bulletgreen: Luca C.
:bulletblack: Anina S.
:bulletred: Megumi B.
:bulletgreen: Satsuki P.
:bulletgreen: Midheta J.
:bulletgreen: Petta C. (last name changed: Cavalliér)
:bulletblue: Marina P.
:bulletblack: Romina D.
:bulletblack: Katherina H.
:bulletblack: Illett McP.
:bulletblack: Lorena V.
:bulletblue: Inya de Z. (formerly: Yanya)

And there, for the other important list as well as some joy of revealing the pairings to you: the list of the pairing images:

:bulletblack: not yet started
:bulletblue: yet seeking contentual ideas
:bulletyellow: next to go
:bulletred: in (current) process
:bulletgreen: done

:bulletblack: Violetta + Luna; Elisa; Ira; Elli; Ella
:bulletblack: Luna + Elisa; Voletta; Ira; Ella; Elli
:bulletblack: Elisa + Violetta; Luna; Ella; Elli; Ira
:bulletblack: Ira + Ella; Violetta; Luna; Elli Elisa
:bulletblack: Ella + Elisa; Violetta; Luna; Elli; Ira
:bulletblack: Elli + Elisa; Ella; Ira; Luna; Violetta
:bulletblack: Margez + Tiga
:bulletblack: Tiga + Margez
:bulletblack: Scarlett + Kessa/Rufi
:bulletblack: Kessa/Rufi + Scarlett
:bulletblack: Kristina + Chloé
:bulletblack: Chloé + Kristina
:bulletblack: H'reda + Emma
:bulletblack: Emma + H'reda
:bulletblack: Allegra + Neta
:bulletblack: Neta + Allegra
:bulletblack: Romina + Katherina; Illett
:bulletblack: Katherina + Romina; Illett
:bulletblack: Illett + Katherina; Romina
:bulletblack: Finklinde + Toka
:bulletblack: Toka + Finklinde
:bulletblack: Cilly + Lulu
:bulletblack: Lulu + Cilly
:bulletblack: Rebekka + Luca
:bulletblack: Luca + Rebekka
:bulletblack: Anina + Megumi
:bulletblack: Megumi + Anina
:bulletblack: Satsuki + Midheta
:bulletblack: Midheta + Satsuki
:bulletblack: Tjonka + Wattenfall
:bulletblack: Wattenfall + Tjonka
:bulletblack: Petta + Marina
:bulletblack: Marina + Petta
:bulletblack: Eva + Madcita
:bulletblack: Madcita + Eva
:bulletblack: Midna + Anna
:bulletblack: Anna + Midna
:bulletblack: Lorena + Inya
:bulletblack: Inya + Lorena

and for a last tidbit for you: a revelation of the nicknames of those characters, that have any:

:bulletpink: Violetta: Vio
:bulletpink: Elisa: Lisa
:bulletpink: Ira: Irka, Irrchen
:bulletpink: Luna: Liebchen (engl.: 'pigsney')
:bulletpink: Megumi: Meg
:bulletpink: Anina: Nina
:bulletpink: Wattenfall: Tata
:bulletpink: Margez: Margo
:bulletpink: Satsuki: Sat, Satti
:bulletpink: Midheta: Midi (actually 'Midhi', but the 'h' might not be too recognizable there)
:bulletpink: Romina: Rommi
:bulletpink: Kristina: Choco
:bulletpink: Scarlett: Scut
:bulletpink: Finklinde: Finchen
:bulletpink: Chloé: Bella
:bulletpink: Inya: Ini, Nini, Inini
:bulletpink: Katherina: Trinchen
:bulletpink: Rebekka: Bekki
:bulletpink: Lorena: Lori
:bulletpink: Madcita: Mada
:bulletpink: Tjonka: Jonna, Jonni

ssssooooooooooooooo........... eh.... stay tuned. ^_^
  • Listening to: various stuff
  • Reading: various articles, online
  • Watching: Gametube on Youtube
  • Playing: wish i'd have the time for it atm
  • Eating: whole coffee beans; crispy, tasteful, and bitter
  • Drinking: coffee, definitely too cold for my taste *shivers*


Viola Hellwig
Commissions Open Stamp by izka197:thumb166484868::thumb166484785:I'm Female Stamp by stampystampyFacebook Stamp by PoisonTonicLX
Commission Pricelist

here we go
(no bakgrounds so far since i got to practise them a lot first ^^;)

:bulletgreen:full Coloration 20€ / 27$
PCommish - Demonhaunterceres by strawberryzombie

:bulletgreen:Lineart 12€ / 16$
PCommish - Pokemongirl55 by strawberryzombie

:bulletgreen:rough Coloration (digital) 6€ / 8$
VIVA LA MY ASS by strawberryzombie

-+background = +2-3€/$, depending on its content/level
-+1 character/OC = +3€/3$
-fullbody = +1€/1$
-my OC's for content = -2€/2$ (sweet sweet advertising)

:bulletgreen:all ordered OC's automatically get their artists/owners credits in the artist comment!
:bulletgreen:for the commissions: note me!
:bulletgreen:i accept Paypal
:bulletgreen:iwon't start before it's paid of half paid!
:bulletgreen:annoys me as well but i won't break DA's rules, obviously


♥name: Viola Hellwig
♥age: 21
♥birthday: 22.08.19088
♥zodiac: lion
♥eastern: dragon
♥amerindian: bear
♥eastern element: earth
♥celtic tree: black alder
sign of spring by Tragopogon…
♥hairs: brown, but i want them to become black
♥eyes: brown-green and a hint of blue, depending on the light
LP: ***
attack: ***
speed: **/**
defense: ****
magic: *****
skill: ****
luck: *****
willpower: ****
lewdness: ***********
creativity: ****
kindness: *****
romance: *****
braveness: ***/*/**
authenticity: ********
sadism: *****
masochism: *****
dreaming: ****
relishing-ability: *****
mysthic: ***
questionable: ****
trustworthy: ******
mental health: *****
emotions: ******

self-introducing Interview "Try the Straberry"

♥most special friends here on DA:

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Anina comish by BiOzZ Anina Evdokia Salava
Midheta Comission by BiOzZ Midheta Jukan
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Current Residence: Bielefeld, and yes it does exist
Favourite genre of music: punk, metal, epic(folk-) metal, ambient, drum'n'bass, New Wave, Pop, Anime-, movie- and Ga
Favourite style of art: manga
Favourite cartoon character: Tank Girl, Bonkers
Personal Quote: N'uuuuuurgh (complaining noise)


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