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Viola:..welcome to the world of "ALAS" and their members ^.~...enjoy ^_^

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Luna Lovejoy
The Company – Friendly queen of all plants next door

-Name: Luna Lovejoy
-Age: 24Y
-Body Height: 1,58m
-Nationality: Ireland
-Rank: Member; Medic
-Sexuality: BI - What with her specific and pretty complex and capable powers, she sure can sometimes end up doing, -coming up, or -being into some kinky, and kinkily 'creative' things, including manipulation, ways of drugging and adaptations of bondage and alike, among other things, but basicly, and most of the times, she's actually rather sensual and lovely in her approach, what comes with her gentle and calm nature. Most of the times, despite her sensual, patient, soft, cute, clingy, gentle and joyful approach and behaviour at it all, she often easily appears to be kind of basic and just easy about it all, -easily being gotten around and as if her sex is often just the potentially prolonged variant of quickies. In a way, she remains normally active and initiating about anything basic about sex, but remains passive about anything going explicitly beyond that, and needs triggers for that, of whatever sort. So despite what she's capable of, and what she is, about 60-65% of the times, she has just normal, pretty 'human' sex. The only rather specific kink of hers, personally, that she also sometimes happens to go for, are 'risky places', mostly to masturbate in, but also for having sex in.
-Love: Violetta F., Ira G., Elisa P., Elli S., Ella V. (wives)
-Relatives: Katherina F., Ilett P. (stepdaughters); Eva F., Luca C., Anina S. (sisters-in-law)
-own Occupation: A little store called (---), that provides florist services, and sells plants of all sorts, from home plants over garden plants to even trees, including all sorts of directly or indirectly related products and services, -including gardening services. One special service that Luna mostly herself offers, is to clear areas of trees, plants in general, or only certain types of plants, by removing them, yet without damaging them at all, -just by moving them to a different location. She also sells wood to people, and provides certain other companies and producers with wood for them to process it in ways and for things that Luna herself doesn't sell, -mostly at least.
-Power: As one of the four, -later on, five-, queens of the cycle, she fulfils the role of the one ruling the field of plants and planty, botanic matter and life in general. That practically includes the ability to generate, dissolve and control botanic, planty matter at will, to communicate with plants, to give life to plants or take life from them, and the knowledge of all plants of any sorts that exists, or ever existed on Earth. The basic abilities of communication with plants, also extends to otherworldly plants. Upon getting to know such, she can also adapt them to her range of knowledge and control over. In addition to it all, she has abilities that revolve around solar energy and oxygen as well as indirectly, also some elements like water, fire, electricity and minerals. One of her rather more out there abilities, is to convert a living being, fully, genetically, into a being of her respective field, -into a planty being, -including humans to get converted into planty humanoids. The only rather mundane seeming 'ability' of hers, so to speak, is that she's 100% sunburn-proof, even while she can develop a tan.
-Personality: She's a mellow, calm, all gentle and nearly serene, but also relaxed, easy, laid-back and somewhat ditsy and goofy girl. She's emotional and level-headed at the same time, -pretty loving, kind, friendly and polite. She also used to be rather naive sometimes, but grew out of it, even if her naiveness still pops up every now and then. On the other hand, mostly thanks to her other being and soul that she also is at the same time, that she was inherited to be, from the lineage of the planty queens, allows her to situationally be the complete opposite of that, making her shape one of the greatest contrasts among the company, at that; she's able to get pretty intimidating, furious, ruthless, and depending on the situation, even maniac. That part of her personality that stems from the queen-part within her, stems from a superior, ruling, determined and stern being knowing how to be merciful as well as completely merciless, and that was thus inherited to her as well, even if most of the times and in normal situation, it lingers passively, and kind of inactively.
-Particular likings: Flowers, meadows, fields, forests, moss, -she really likes anything revolving around plants, also by herself aside of her role as a queen, but especially these things. In addition and often in relation to that, she also loves the feeling of healthy soil on her hands or feet, loves the feeling and smell of wood and planty juices, and loves scents like from deep, damp forests, meadows and so on. Matching how she drinks a lot and loves to do so, she loves pretty much anything there is, from coffee and tea over alcoholic things, smoothies, soups, soda and lemonades, to pretty much all types of beverages, -even if that doesn't mean she likes all individual flavours and tastes. Despite never talking about it much or admitting it by herself, she likes to have sex, as well as she likes to masturbate, or to sneakily stare, goggle or peek and people or people's body parts, -although at the peeking and alike, as well as the masturbation, she often seemingly likes to do it indeed, rather sneakily and secretly, and can happen to react bashfully or embarrassedly when caught. She loves to get massages, especially on her whole backside, as well as her feet. She loves to be outside, being on bare feet, being exposed to pretty much all types of weather, yet also especially loves to be in the sunlight. She loves to swim, mostly, if anyhow possible, in the skinny dipping way; even if most of the times rather for sensual and naturalist matters, she loves to be naked anyway. She also loves to bath, and sometimes even prefers such over showering. Despite being no vegetarian, she also has a big liking for vegetables in all sorts of ways, when it comes to foods. Another, more philosophical love of hers, -also along the lines of an interest of hers, are fields of herbal-, botanic- or phyto-based medicine, cures, therapies or alike.

offensive: ********************** (22)
defence: ************** (14)
skill: ************** (14)
magic: ************ (12)
agility: *********
intelligence: ********
mentality: ********
emotionality: ********
lust level: *********
social: ********

Luna quote: "I don't wanna just stand and watch while people step over living beings in their path like human gods, just 'cause they're consumed with their insecurities that lead them like dogs on a leash."
Ellis Staff - Aemilia Motaa'h
Ellis Staff - Beast-tamer, beast-master, beastly hot wildling.

-Name: Aemilia Motaa'h
-Age: 106Y
-Race: Elf; Witch
-Body Height: 1,82m
-Rank: Beasttamer; Zoologist; (Medic; Toxicologist; Phytologist; Pathfinder)
-Sexuality: Bi - She easily flirts and admires people, and hardly has much of preferences when it comes to types, and through being open, social, and fair to people, -always trying to kind of refreshingly meet everyone on eye's level-, she also rather easily ends up fucking with someone, regardless of how casual, or emotional or intimate it is, and yet she manages to hardly ever come off as a slut, -which she often assumes to be due to her not talking so much about it by herself, -which doesn't mean she despises to be talking about it. The only thing that comes really close to kind of be her 'taste' is to keep things simple, easy and uncomplicated; she sure is easily interested in plays or things like bdsm and also likes to watch and observe such, but when its about her getting involved while things being that complicated, she easily loses her mood and interest. And along the lines of that, despite being sometimes dominant or submissive herself, she still is totally aware of that as either an actual dom or sub, she'd suck. The only other, rather secret 'taste' of hers, that she is surprisingly rarely aware of, despite her nature and lifestyle, is to get beaten, won over and claimed as a price, -to be taken-, even if that doesn't happen to easily or too often either.
-Relatives: -
-Power: She has concentrated most of her supernatural potential as a witch into abilities that were of use for her to sustain and survive in the wild and in conflict or contact with animals in general: aside of her being fast, agile, flexible and physically, extremely powerful, as well as also pretty resistant to many things, she also has learned to intuitively communicate with animals, both in understanding, and expressively addressing them. At the latter, she also has unintentionally developed some wondervoice-abilities, making her able to technically speaking, somewhat 'manipulate' the psyche, mentality, emotions and so on, of animals and humans alike, just through her voice and her way of speaking. She also has learned certain natural and supernatural healing-abilities. She also has tied an old stem of a small tree as her staff to herself, and has hardened it through her influence and usage, to the point of it being even more durably than most metals. She also has grown toughened and resistant to many things like climate and weather, and to most natural types of poisons and toxins, even though those resistances she has developed by herself over the time. Her body also has a relatively good ability to heal wounds. In addition to all of that, she has grown a pretty big range of knowledge about animals, plants, toxins and even somewhat about geology, -as well as a good learning ability about such things. She's also pretty good in close-combat, -including wrestling-, can hold her breath pretty long underwater, and also has some good, basic knowledge about medicines and first-aid. The only other powers that she yet has, that can be counted as classic witch powers, is some pretty decent, basic force-magic, as well as some light ability of water-, and weather-control and -manipulation, as well as some, technically speaking temporarily body-modifying, poison-abilities, -such a s poisonous bites or spitting. And even her mental strength that she has developed, could be seen as a power in a way. The only rather figurative 'power', -or 'talent' that she has, is the fact that she rarely has bad breath, -even when spending a long time in the whild.
-Personality: Despite being relaxed, calm, laid-back and pretty easy on most things, she still also knows both how to keep things tight if urgent, and how to party, -and to even be pretty loud, frolicsome and in high spirits, -and to get drunk or stoned. In contrasting addition to her calm and steady, secure nature, she can easily get playful and frisky, -sometimes even cheeky. Given the situation that demands it, she can also be the complete opposite of it, -fierce, furious, stern and wrathful, -and frighteningly firm at that. She also can definitely be sexually playful and even easy sometimes, even if her basicly all open range from dominant to submissive still has her rather rarely submissive, and rather dominant or equal most of the time, but at the same time, she manages to never really come off as a slut in the classic sense of it, -even if she can also be easily flirty, and joyful at that. She also has a strong protective, and even a kind of motherly sense. In a way, she is and remains, untameable herself, given how she likes to be around people, but also likes and even needs her time alone and away form people, as much as she requires her time out in the nature, over even longer periods, and always follows her will and urges, so also when she feels an urge to get out into the nature and wild.
-Likings: Food; swimming; all sorts of weather; animals; fairness, respectively meeting- and being met on eye's level; likes bets, sometimes; the feeling of getting clean through any sorts of baths or showers after having gotten dirty or smelly over a while; being out in the nature; supernatural, non-humanoid beings; smoking, pipes, alcohol, smokable weeds; certain types of music, especially rough and loud ones one can party to and bawl along to; fruits, -especially grapes, citrus fruits in general, ; the nightly sky, and sleeping under it; soft, warm, fresh beds in contrast to her naturalist lifestyle; secretly, to be complimented as a woman, despite rarely showing that actual appreciation; things to chew on; little things like beautiful sights, plants, flowers, stones, sounds and such; handmade, jewellery made out of natural objects, even if she rarely actually wears them; being naked, out in the nature or just in general, -whether for sexual or non-sexual, sensual reasons, -yet also to see other people naked, -thus also likes nudist areas; artistic things, respectively artists, especially when colourful or expressive or lively; sportive people, and sports, -especially to watch.

offensive: *************** (15)
defense: ********** (10)
skill: ************ (12)
magic: ********** (10)
agility: ********
intelligence: ********
mentality: ********
emotionality: *******
lust level: *******
social: ********

1. Again, one image, -an artwork-, i once saw something on the web, -god only knows how to find that again. ^^;

PS. i might yet do some changes on her again, revolving around colours.
Those legs, that power
Now what are we looking at here? Panties, garters, big breasts, sure, -but aside of that, we're viewing at a little glimpse, a tiniestly tiny fraction of which Meg is capable of. Lemme tell you, those legs can annihilate and obliterate. Oh, and what else we're looking at, is something that i again, got to think of while working on this one, regarding her overall biography: we're looking at a way more self-confident, stable and matured Megumi, who has kind of come a long way having gotten to that point.

I'm certainly having some problems with the outcome of this, specifically with her groin-areas. Yeah, there's always something to still get better at. And looking at it, now, i think i actually still can correct something at it, just at that... yes, i just realised that her vagina has little to none space where it should have, considering the outlines of her anatomy (not of the clothing, i mean). Anyway, if i yet do that, i'll add a note about that, here.

Megumi (Meg) © me, aka strawberryzombie/VioCreations
Lizzy getting ready for some spontaneity
This was one of those cases where i just had an idea and just went for it, and tried it out. Sure, things could be done better here, but isn't that always the case? Anyway, i hope you enjoy this 'view' of Lizzy, getting ready for some fun in some backyard, presumable of some club or something, -perhaps even with some stranger. ^^

Mind it, this is still her old version, regarding her tattoos, which, upon an update and partial redesign yet to come, will also yet change. That will mean, that by that time, this will be partually outdated. But meh, what can you do.

Elisa (Lizzy) © me, aka strawberryzombie/VioCreations
Ellis Staff - Nataly Brighton
Ellis Staff - The archive's little fluff-ball

-Name: Nataly "Fifi" Brighton
-Age: 24Y
-Race: Earthman, Human
-Body Height: 1,62m
-Nationality: USA
-Rank: Archive
-Sexuality: BI - Despite her being a naughty and dirty-minded person being always all in for dirty jokes and sometimes even pranks, who sometimes likes to tease and who catches nearly any innuendo, or chance for one, her practical sexual side strangely always remains under a covering blanket of not really that mcuh intended secrecy, which, according to her, just happens to be, and for no particular reason. Practically, that just means that despite her naughty side, she never openly shows much of a serious, sexual approach to anyone, any further than on the joking level, which sometimes can be perceived as sexual approaches, but never in a fully convincing way. Indeed, that causes a great potential for big surprises about her sex drive, her potential kinkiness and her potential for passionate, fiery, intimate intensity. She indeed loves to get a bit wild in bed sometimes, but also loves to make out a lot, which extends to the general foreplay entirely, including a lot of petting, touching, groping and so on. Her three deepest kinks are firstly oral, -both giving and getting-, secondly threesomes, and thirdly being the kind of submissive center of attention of one or several people, including sensual expriences a lot before getting to the actual sex. She also states to have an actual kind of relationship with her sex-toys, not in an objectophile way, but rather in the way of seeing them as kind of friends, or companions who 'help her out' sometimes, and which she actually cares about, and she sees taking good care of them as a kind of repying and being grateful; who emotionall deep this position of hers goes for her, she actually rather rarely states though, and prefers to keep a secret, due to embarrassment.
-Love: Angelica Stankovic
-Relatives: -
-Power: She knows how to keep calm and relaxed and to keep an oversight over things. She also has an incredible, physical flexibility, up to the point where she can sometimes entertain people int he way of freaking them out. Despite that being a rather outstanding interest of hers, she has a deep fascination and interest for old books, and to further extent, in the arts of restoring them or repairing them, and after having undergone some education and training at that, she often helps out at the library at such things.
-Personality: She's very relaxed, mellow and calm, soemtimes even up to the point where she can easily deceive people into thinking she may just be stoned. The traces of a general insomnia of hers, on her face mostly, help that tricking out a lot. She indeed sleeps only little, only hours sometimes, and spends the remaining free time on reading, gaming or watching movies, or TV, -sometimes also on writing random and spontaneous shortstories, sometimes of a fan-fiction sort, and with varying degrees on emotionality or silliness. She's also pretty humorous and loves to be silly sometimes. Sometimes she despises her overly young appearance, yet sometimes she also takes advantage of it, in different ways, -her occasional troubles with her young appearance, also makes her feel a relatability towards Elli. She also is pretty much a tomboy, and openly has no problem with that point. Sometimes, she can be pretty smug and sassy.
-Likings: She likes to meditate, literally or sometimes just technically speaking. She loves coffee and certainly consumes alot of it, and despite loving nearly any basic variant of it, the plain dark or milk coffee still proves to be her favourite. Despite being pretty much a tomboy, she sometimes likes girly social activities, such as body care, -nail polishing and stuff, in a group of women. She definitely likes music, whereat her taste though is had to precisely determine, for her just liking what she likes. But at some types, she shows a spontaneous liking for dancing or anyhow moving along with rhythms and so on. Sometimes, she likes it a lot to flirt, but also to get compliments, and despite the smugness, her tomboy-ness and so on, she can actually feel flattered and blush pretty easily, if just done right; despite her liking for flirting, she isn't always downright a rpo at it, or at least often does it in less conventional styles, all along her tomboy-nature.

offensive: **
defense: ***
skill: ********
magic: *
agility: ********
intelligence: ******
mentality: *****
emotionality: ******
lust level: *********
social: ********

1. Some character from Seikon No Quaser whose name i don't remeber, but i trust the chance for tose who know that series, to know which one it is. I think that, that i've gotten far away enough from the original though. And as a matter of fact, the actual inspiration had come through a piece of fanart of that character.

Here it's about Elisa's band again, but rather about a listing for myself, that hopefully will get updated.
The list is about kind directly, creatively, influencing or inspiring songs to each of the band members, -just so that i don't forget about them (like it seems it already happened *sigh*)
(Also; most of their names, are yet 'working-title names', so yet not finally decided.)

Anyway, here we go:

1. Elisa McP. (Dat Pokemon; vocals/e-keyboard) - doesn't need any song really, at least not here, for that an own, whole journal post here with songs in it, fulfils that duty already.

2. Amanda Benson (wide-hipped redhead-tomboy; e-bass) -

3. Christa Boreaux (tall, busty brunette in deep-cleavaged spandex; e-bass) -

4. Elisa 'Lissy' Bronner van (something) (Ginger-Venus-Angelic; chiptunes) - Anamanaguchi - Japan Air

5. Vivien Rommbauer (sad-smile'd SGirl-bikeress; electronic sounds) -

6. Yumi Sorahama (cute, quiet Japanese in high-collar long-sleeve pullover; e-keyboard) -

7. Sevgi Solag (gorgeous, lively Turk; e-guitar) -

8. Ursula Gronach (tall, mysterious blonde in tight top and baggy-jeans; drums) - Wir sind Helden - Wenn es passiert

9. Yukiko Hamanaka (slender Japanese beauty with long, black hair; violin/other alternative sounds) -

10. Trudy Joyce Bernstein (quiet, snuggly, mysterious pervy-weirdo blondie; samples/mixing) -

11. Marit Franziska Blomberg (punk'ish gruff-looking blackhaired contrast-cutie; lightshow, etc.) - Wir sind Helden - Wenn es passiert

12. Joyce 'Joy' Glenn (sad and tired eyed, insecure redhead; tech/sound-check) -

(i also would love to implement some images to each and every one of them, of what people inspired me to each of them, but i'm no sure if that'd go well, what with copyright and NSFW-thingies; such a misery, but what can you do.)

Besides, i also still don't have a name for this band. xD
  • Listening to: Anamanaguchi, Blink 182
  • Reading: your dirty mind
  • Watching: (mostly recorded) Livestreams
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: whatever, -whenever i feel like it
  • Drinking: coffee, coke


Viola Hellwig
Artist | Student | Digital Art


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Well, if really nothing else comes to mind, then, as you might remember us to kind of having been there already, 'adult' photos are always something to make my day!♥ Not just that, but in fact, also always something else that i can add to my 'nudes from friends' treasure box. xD
BUT, to point this out, this is really just a suggestion. Just like the last time, i don't nag or urge you or anything, and ultimately, this is totally up to you of course. I'm partially, also just saying that something like that is always something that i love to receive, -anytime in fact-, and which never gets old for me.♥ ^//v//^
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Thanks for faving ^^
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*meows* <3
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